13th October 2023

It turns out there’s a lot to celebrate at Inspirations Studios HQ!

While celebrations are often siloed into single events, this milestone edition, issue #400 of All Stitched Up! coincides with three other significant events on the Inspirations Studios calendar. We’re currently celebrating the release of The Design Collective | Christmas, Inspirations issue #120 (our 30th birthday issue), as well as the 1st birthday of The Bobbin Tree by Inspirations.

Four significant events, all aligned with no intention on our behalf – what are the chances?!

Whilst noteworthy events such as these tend to be obvious reasons for a celebration, a recent email from Ingrid Fetell Lee encouraged us to celebrate the not-so-significant events as well.

Ingrid believes celebrating is a ‘surefire way to increase your joy in life’.

For many of us, sharing a meal or gathering with others in a celebratory setting are ‘obvious’ ways to celebrate, but Ingrid’s email expanded our concept of celebrating with some more ‘obscure’ ways to mark occasions both significant, or otherwise, which she hoped would encourage us to come up with our ‘own celebratory traditions and rituals’.

Ingrid’s suggestions included simple things such as using balloons to mark an occasion, making use of the ‘special’ crockery for no reason other than to denote an achievement, indulging in an everyday luxury such as the purchase of an indulgent hand soap that will remind us of the reason we’re celebrating each time we use it, getting dressed up or simply doing a happy dance.

Ingrid’s email prompted us to remember the importance of celebrating our achievements, both big and small, whilst also encouraging us to see that celebrations can be both big and small as well.

As far as coming up with our ‘own celebratory traditions and rituals’, we think the next milestone we meet in our time with needle and thread might just be worthy of celebrating with one of the sumptuous stitching accessories we’ve been coveting for some time now. 

And that’s motivation enough to put our needle and thread to fabric to meet our next milestone sooner than we may have ever thought possible!

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