Cardinal Pocket by Betsy Morgan

3rd June 2022

One of the reasons Betsy Morgan’s projects are so well loved is because of the intricacy of their construction. Betsy’s imagination appears to have no bounds when it comes to the fascinating etuis and accessories that she devises.

Every single one offers surprising details and little additions that are so lovely, but just so clever, we wonder how she can keep coming up with them.

Even the smaller projects she creates never skimp on detail. This is what we noticed with Cardinal Pocket from the book Willing Hands 2. The project only comprises two very special pieces – a small etui and a scissor fob.

The etui is so beautiful and unusual, it easily rivals the more involved projects for clever construction.

The Cardinal Pocket is actually a small pocket etui that is designed to be worn as a necklace while stitching. Inside, it has a place for a tiny pair of scissors as well as wool felt pages for needles. However, the closure on this etui is what sets it apart.

It is specifically designed with a twisted cord that attaches to two corners. The cord then passes through loops on the opposite side of the etui so when it is open, the cord is neatly out of the way. 

To close the book-like accessory, you simply pull the cord. This means that, if you are wearing it around your neck, it remains neatly closed.

So there’s no risk of you finding the sharp ends of the needle or scissors in places you don’t want them to be!

The decoration on this lovely project combines Bargello with cross stitch. The name of the pocket – Cardinal – comes from the brilliant red bird of the same name that appears in a tree on one side of the pocket. On the rear is the Bargello pattern and a space you can stitch a name or a date to personalise this project just for you.

Like you, we love all Betsy’s projects, but this one is particularly special as it can be completed relatively quickly, so you get the pleasure of using it all the sooner. However, simple or complex, none of Betsy’s projects ever disappoint in their design, stitch choice, colour or construction.

Cardinal Pocket is a wonderfully satisfying project to complete, which you’ll be proudly wearing around your neck as you flick through Willing Hands 2 selecting which of Betsy’s stunning etuis you are going to stitch next.

Make Your Own Cardinal Pocket

Step 1 – Purchase Project Instructions

Cardinal Pocket by Betsy Morgan is a captivating pocket designed to be worn as a handy necklace, keeping stitching essentials close by.

Printed Books

Willing Hands 2

Step 2 – Purchase Ready-To-Stitch Kit

The Inspirations Ready-To-Stitch kit for Cardinal Pocket includes everything* you need to re-create this stunning pocket: Fabrics (unprinted), interfacings, comic board, wool felt, buttons, beading thread, embroidery threads and needles.


Cardinal Pocket – WH2 Kit

*Please Note: To cater for flexibility of purchase, instructions are not included with our kits. For step-by-step directions on how to create this project, please refer to the book.

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