Cape of Courage

4th August 2023

The positively vibrant Louise Gardiner’s most recent community cape project, ‘The Cape Of Creative Courage’ is all about celebrating hope, courage and creativity. Based in the UK, Lou is a contemporary embroidery artist who is almost three years into her journey with cancer.

After being commissioned to create a cape by Marchmont House in the Scottish Borders alongside a flying acorn exhibition, Lou was diagnosed with stage four cancer. She said the cape was now ‘incredibly relevant’ and says she intends to ‘live a few years yet as I truly believe from the bottom of my heart that I am one of many creative people needed on this precious planet right now to help inspire people to live more creative and authentic lives.’

The flying acorn is the symbol of Marchmont House. Lou created the Acorn Army campaign, asking interested stitchers to send in stitched acorns to hang above the cape and to join Lou on her mission in creating ‘the best cape and flying acorn display in the world ever!’

Some twists and turns have unfolded along the way, however determined to finish her cape, Lou keeps everyone updated with her progress on her Instagram HERE and Facebook HERE or you can find her blog HERE.

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