9th November 2018

The current issue of The Magnolia Journal has ‘made ready’ as its theme. It reminds us that in every season of our lives, we are capable.

As we journey through life it can be easy to forget this as we find ourselves struggling though a ‘winter’ that is far longer than we’d anticipated and sometimes, it’s not until we find ourselves in the harvest season on the other side, we’re able to acknowledge that what was already inside us was enough to get us through the difficult season.

We are capable enough to survive all that life’s seasons throw at us and we’re able to achieve each of the things that matter to us most.

Despite our own doubts and insecurities, we’ve already got inside us what it takes to achieve great things!

The same is true for our needlework. Many of us underestimate our ability with needle and thread and shy away from some of the opportunities that come before us because we’ve forgotten just how capable we really are.

Do you remember the time when threading a needle was something you had to think about? Chances are you can almost do it with your eyes closed now. Can you recall the first stitch you learnt? We can only imagine how far you’ve come since then and how the stitches you lay with each passing of the needle and thread are now more intricate and precise.

We encourage you to take a moment and reflect on how far you’ve come since first picking up a needle and thread and remind yourself that whatever it was inside you that got you from that point to where you are now, is everything you need to tackle whatever the next step in your needlework journey may be.

Remember, you are capable. More than you may ever realise.

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