Bohin Tape Measure Assortment

20th November 2020

It’s raining tape measures! Like the proverbial London buses, a few weeks ago we had zero tape measures in stock and now, just in time for Christmas, we have a whole range to choose from.

These adorable Bohin tape measures don’t just look great, they are super practical as well.

Not only do they offer a silky smooth retractable mechanism, they have centimetres on one side, inches on the other plus come with a handy clip so you can attach them to your handbag, to a zipper, to your chatelaine or to your craft bag.

Best of all, they come in five glorious colours, each printed with a stylish, modern design.

Now, you really can have a handy tape measure to match each outfit or to suit every occasion!


Bohin Tape Measure – Blue


Bohin Tape Measure – Green


Bohin Tape Measure – Pink


Bohin Tape Measure – Red


Bohin Tape Measure – Yellow

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