Bohin Needlebooks

28th August 2020

Since the middle of the 1800’s, some of the finest needles in the world have been produced at a factory in Saint-Sulpice-Sur-Risle in France.

Bohin began during a period when economic competition from Germany and England was putting strain on the French needle and pin industry. The founder, Benjamin Bohin, soon perfected the manufacture of needles which, to this day, remain some of the best needles in the world.

If you’ve never stitched with a Bohin needle, you won’t have experienced the smoothness, strength and consistency that these needles guarantee. Even better, thanks to the wide range of different needles produced by the company, you can enjoy Bohin quality whatever craft you turn your hand to.

The Bohin Needlebook is the perfect way to start your Bohin collection.

There are 40 needles included, covering everything from crewel to tapestry, with milliner’s needles and darning needles as well.

All of the needles are beautifully presented in a cardboard needlebook with a guide to the size and use of each one. Available in three different colours and adorned with an elegant French design, these needlebooks make the perfect gift for a new stitcher, or the perfect way of ensuring you always have the needle you need in your sewing basket.

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