Beating Around the Bush 2020

9th November 2019

The history of Beating Around the Bush begins like all great stories – a woman, a needle and thread, and a mission to make the world more beautiful. Now, 30 years later, thousands of enlightened needlework enthusiasts have made the pilgrimage to South Australia to attend what has become the internationally acclaimed, world’s most beautiful needlework convention.

Official Beating Around the Bush 2020 Logo

In 2020 we will be hosting the 11th BATB and this week we’re celebrating the release of the catalogue for the event which details all the projects, the tutors, the events and just a taste of the wonder one can expect when attending.

Often the first question people ask when they hear about the event for the first time is, what does the name mean? While the literal definition of Beating Around the Bush is to ‘discuss a matter without coming to the point’, the event itself couldn’t be further from the truth as from the moment we get together it’s all about the wonderful world of needlework and we very much get to the point, over and over again!

Logos from Beating Around the Bush over the years

When the very first BATB was held in the dusty country town of Keith in rural South Australia in 1989, it was given the name Beating Around the Bush simply as a playful term loosely taken from the Australian slang meaning to ‘hang out in the country’. All these years later, with the event now well and truly modernised and held in a capital city rather than an outback town, people travel from all over the world to ‘hang out down under’ and stitch together with us, so in many ways the name still rings true.

As Inspirations Studios is primarily a publishing company, this event has special significance for us because it’s one of the few times we get to come out from behind our newsletter, magazine and books to meet our community face to face. It’s our time to hang out with our tribe and we love it.

In 2020 the format remains mostly the same, although we are moving to a new venue which is exciting, and we have four brand-new first-time tutors to BATB. We can’t wait to welcome Christine Burton and Ana Mallah both from Australia, Cynthia Jackson from Canada and Sue Spargo from the USA.

‘Honey Bees and Blossom’ 2-Day class by Susan O’Connor

By now you’ve probably been admiring the amazing bees, buzzing about collecting pollen, featured in our 2020 logo. Each year we select a project taught at the convention to incorporate into our imagery and this year we simply couldn’t go past the design ‘Honey Bees and Blossom’ by our very own Susan O’Connor. We’re sure you’ll agree the realism and detail is stunning and as our CEO Kristian Fleming remarked, ‘Wow – Susan O’Connor sure can stitch!’

Another question we get asked about BATB is ‘What makes it so good?’ Probably the best way we can answer that is to repeat what’s in our catalogue:

You + Us = Together. Regardless of where you’re from or who you are, our collective passion for needlework transcends everything and creates a bond that is ageless, timeless, borderless and fearless.

At Beating Around the Bush it’s all about stitching together, learning together and laughing together. It’s that simple. And that’s what makes it so good.

So, on that note, we really do hope as many of you as possible can come and spend the week with us next year as we all bring to life many of the world’s most beautiful needlework designs right before our eyes. The way we see it is we get to have coffee with you once a week via our newsletter, a meal once a quarter with the magazine, and attend a party with you when we launch a new book, but the most cherished time is when we get to holiday with you once every two years at Beating Around the Bush.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Interested in attending BATB 2020?

Step 1 – Review Catalogue & Select Projects

Step 2 – Registration Opens 3rd Feb

Secure your place when registration opens on 3rd February 2020 at where classes will be allocated on a first come basis.

Step 3 – Book Travel Arrangements

Book your accommodation directly through us when you register or reserve your own hotel nearby, lock in your flights then make your way to Westminster School in Adelaide, South Australia from 30th September to 7th October 2020.

The Inspirations Team looks forward to hosting you.

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