Be There

29th March 2019

Are you a ‘present’ stitcher, someone who’s focused on each stitch that lays before you, or are you a ‘distant’ stitcher, constantly finding yourself thinking about anything other than what you’re putting your needles and threads to?!

Sometimes we think we’re all a little of each depending on our day or the season we find ourselves in. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with letting your mind wander whilst stitching – in fact some would swear the fastest way to solve any problem is with needle and thread in hand! – there are times the meditative process stitching offers is best found when we’re truly present in what we’re putting our hands too.

‘Wherever you are, be all there.’

— Jim Elliott

After reading this quote recently, it challenged us to ensure we’re truly present wherever we are, especially during our time with needle and thread as we relish the meditative and transforming potential of each stitch.

So today, be all there with your needles and threads, conscious of each push and pull of the needle and thread through the fabric and let not the potential each stitch holds be lost on you.

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