Be the Inspiration

24th April 2020

Imagine for a moment you were asked to rate your talent with needle and thread. Where would you position yourself?

Would you place yourself confidently at the top of the scale? Hesitate then assign a mid-scale point? Or would you all too quickly think somewhere towards the lower end of the gauge was most fitting?

We have a feeling there’s many of you who have just placed yourself far lower on the scale than you deserve to be!

All too often we’re our own worst critics and you’d be surprised how often we receive emails that start with, ‘I know my needlework isn’t at the same standard of those featured in your newsletter, but…’

Rarely can we see the flaws that are tucked behind a covering stitch or two, but more than that we know the time you spend with needle and thread might just be someone else’s inspiration to start or continue their own needlework journey – and we’d hate to think how many stitching ‘lights’ are being hidden under the bushel of perfection!

Whilst we’ll always encourage you to aim high and shoot for the stars, we don’t want any of you to let perfect be the enemy of the good. It’s so important to remember that our journeys with needle and thread are often so much richer than the finished ‘destination’ of each piece.

It’s about the progress we make with each stitch we lay, what we learn from our successes as well as out ‘not quite successes’ along the way and how the time we spend stitching often has benefits beyond words.

If you’ve been hiding your stitching under a bushel, now’s the time to let it shine!

Being willing to share your journey with needle and thread might just be the inspiration someone else needs to start or continue their own journey, and in the words of Napoleon Hill, ‘To be inspired is great, but to inspire is incredible!’ 

So go on, email and be the inspiration…

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