Au Papillon Metallic Finish Thread Pack

16th September 2022

When it’s time to elevate or emphasise a few features of a project you’re working on, having a range of metallic threads on hand is a must.

Au Papillon threads are made in Greece and are high-quality threads that are a real joy to use.

Season’s Greetingsby Ana Mallah uses Au Papillon thread

Featuring a bright metallic finish, they are flexible, malleable and easily pass through fabric without shredding.

Now we all know threads are much more fun when they travel in packs, so we have just the thing to ensure you have all the essential colours in your stash.

The Au Papillon ‘Fil d’Or De Luxe’ Metallics Thread Pack includes 13 x 35m (114′) reels across a variety of gorgeous hues such as gold, copper, silver, black, white and even green and red.

Whether it’s outlining a motif or adding a glint of sparkle to your current design, the Au Papillon thread pack is your new best friend.

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