Assembling a Double Hoop

26th April 2019

If you’ve ever admired those embroidery pieces which are worked in a double hoop, but not been sure how to construct one, Namaste Embroidery has written a detailed tutorial on how to do it which you can check out HERE.

Spring Wreath embroidery by Namaste Embroidery (source)

Don’t be tempted to transfer your design before you have hooped up the fabric.

Unlike the normal order of work where you transfer the design onto the fabric before you hoop up, in this instance you construct a donut shaped frame with the fabric in place and then trace your design. This way you ensure the placement of your design sits nicely within the shape of your double hoop construction.

While the written tutorial directs you to use glue to secure your fabric, many embroiderers avoid the dreaded g-word, so there is an excellent video also provided on lacing your work instead.

The back of the hoop (source)

So now you can feel justified for keeping all of those various sized wooden hoops after all – their moment of usefulness has arrived! If you’ve created anything using a double hoop frame, we’d love to see it. Send in your photos to

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