Are Your Hands Willing?

17th March 2023

One of the all-time most popular needlework artisans we’ve had the privilege of publishing is USA designer Betsy Morgan.

With projects appearing in 17 issues of Inspirations magazine and counting, an anthology of some of her life’s work has also been captured in her two stunning books Willing Hands and Willing Hands 2.

What makes Besty’s work so popular?

From the intriguing back story for each piece, the delightful and imaginative motifs Betsy creates, the pleasure of working in counted thread techniques and the mesmerising construction used to complete each project, there is seemingly no end to Betsy’s charm and talent.

Whether you are new to Betsy Morgan or already have some of her projects on your ‘To Stitch List’ now is a great time to explore her range of projects with some kits now back in stock.


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