Antique Textiles

22nd February 2019

Inspirations is first and foremost a publishing company, so it may come as no surprise that we love books!

Many a book comes across our desks as either a sample or reference copy and it’s the occasional one that catches our eye for one reason or another. The latest to do so is ‘A Life Less Ordinary | Interiors and Inspirations’ by Zoe Ellison and Alex Legendre of i gigi general store in the UK.

At first it was the construction of the book, which includes tracing paper inlays and two gift cards with envelopes, that captured our attention. Then it was the stunning photos, all with the same muted palette, that gave us an intimate glimpse into the artistry and curated interiors of Zoe and Alex. But then we realized it was the antique clothing and textiles scattered throughout the publication that were holding our attention.

A glimpse into Alex’s home from ‘A Life Less Ordinary’

Zoe and Alex ‘love the joy of finding something that makes (them) smile, such as a delicate piece of lace that’s been untouched since the day it was packaged by hand in brown paper and tied tightly with hemp string, or of simply being seduced by the years that have passed as (they) hold a very old pair of tiny shoes and wonder about the child that once wore them. (They) are inspired by antiques that have been handcrafted by someone (they) never knew but who has given so much of their care, attention and time to them.’

Their passion and respect for all things handmade and then aged is evident by the way these items are carefully incorporated into their homes and store with the same care, attention and time that was put into creating them.

So why not create your own ‘life less ordinary’ by incorporating antique textiles throughout your interior?! Like Zoe and Alex, your surroundings will be all the richer for it.

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