And Then There’s The Kits…

20th January 2023

One of the challenges we have when a particular project becomes very popular, is that printed copies of the magazine in which it appears often sell out.

This means sometimes we have Ready-to-Stitch kits, but no instructions to sell with it. Often the solution is to release the project as an individual pattern in print and digital, though some readers prefer to have the original publication.

Here’s the good news… along with our newly discovered stock of Inspirations back issues, we have a range of kits for these issues still available as well.

For your stitching pleasure, we have curated the following collection of Ready-to-Stitch kits, all of which now have printed copies of the magazine available… if they haven’t already sold out of course!

And if all of that isn’t enough, with over 120 different Ready-to-Stitch kits in stock, there’s a HUGE selection of projects for you to choose from to help get into the stitching groove for 2023. 

Click below to enter our Ready-to-Stitch kit wonderland!

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