Anchor Baby Pure Cotton

19th November 2021

You may remember we recently published the project Natural Wonder a fantastic design by Maria Faleri featuring Catherine de’ Medici stitch. Both this and her piece Caterina are worked on an open weave linen using a deliciously soft cotton for stitching.

This week we’re adding these amazing soft cotton balls to our website to purchase individually.

Anchor Baby Pure Cotton feels exactly as the name suggests. It is super soft and pliable and slides beautifully through your fabric. It is perfect if you want to take the skills you’ve learnt from Maria’s projects and start creating your own.

There are a range of other uses for this versatile thread as well including candlewicking and even crochet. It is lovely to work with and each ball is a generous 50g (1.75 ounces) so you’ve got plenty of thread for a range of projects.

Fill that hole in your stash and purchase your soft cotton ball today.

Anchor Baby Pure Cotton – 4ply Natural

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