An Apple a Day by Julie Kniedl

2nd August 2019

Down here in the south of Australia where the Inspirations offices are, it is well and truly winter! The weather has got colder, the nights have got darker and all our winter coats have come out. Unlike many parts of the world which enjoy fruit from all over regardless of the weather, we tend to be at the mercy of the seasons.

At this time of year our fruit choices diminish significantly to predominantly apples and pears. But what an array of apples we have! Just walk through the fruit and vegetable aisle of any supermarket and you’re spoilt for choice. In every shade from rich ruby red through to shiny green, yellow and pink, there are so many types of apples available we never feel as if we’re missing out during the colder months.

And what could be jollier than a bowl of ripe, crisp apples on the table?

You can just imagine them being plucked from the tree on a frosty morning, still speckled with drops from the rain shower which fell on them overnight. You reach for one, your mouth watering slightly as you anticipate the sweet, tart flavour and the satisfying crunch as your teeth sink into the fruit.

So, when nature already gives us such flawless little pieces of beauty, why, I hear you ask, would you want to recreate it with needle and thread? Well, it is because they are flawless little pieces of beauty that it feels right to preserve them. Julie Kneidl was, without a doubt, a master of three-dimensional embroidery. Her ability to observe the intricacies within nature and then translate them into embroidery was second to none. Each kernel of corn, each flower of a cauliflower or, in this case, each splash of colour on the surface of this delicate apple was simply perfect.

This particular piece has been worked using wools rather than the regular stranded cotton or silk. As such, it makes use of the wonderfully forgiving nature of the fibre to produce the dappled effect on the side of the apple in long and short stitch.

The stitches are worked over the top of a stuffed, felt base and requires the embroiderer to use their own creativity.

No two apples are ever alike in nature and it is important to remember that no two embroidered apples will ever be alike either.

Although you should use the example in the magazine as a guide as to where to blend your colours, your apple will ultimately have its own look, unlike any other.

Many of us are glad to see the back of winter and look forward to longer days, warmer temperatures and all the summer fruits arriving in the shops that go along with it. However, by working Julie’s apple, or better still working two, three or even a whole bowlful, you can enjoy the colours and delights of autumn in your house all year around.

Make Your Own | An Apple a Day

Step 1 – Purchase Project Instructions

An Apple a Day by Julie Kniedl is an irresistible red apple in three-dimensional embroidery.

Printed Magazines

Inspirations Issue 103

Digital Patterns

An Apple a Day – i103 Digital

Printed Patterns

An Apple a Day – i103 Print

Step 2 – Purchase Ready-To-Stitch Kit

The Inspirations Ready-To-Stitch kit for An Apple a Day includes everything you need to re-create this luscious apple: Fabric (unprinted), wool felt, wires, embroidery threads and needles.

Special Note: Instructions are not included in our kits. Please refer to the magazine for detailed information on how to create the project.


An Apple a Day – i103 Kit

Step 3 – How About A Hoop?

If you are planning on stitching ‘An Apple a Day’ (well maybe not one every day, although it’s probably just as healthy to stitch them as it is to eat them!) you’ll need a 4” hoop and we’ve got some of the best quality hoops around now available to purchase from our website for your stitching pleasure.


Nurge Embroidery Hoop – Size 1 (4″)

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