Already Ready

29th April 2022

In last week’s All Stitched Up!, we unpacked the idea of motion vs action.

You may recall that James Clear defined the subtle difference between the two as motion being when you’re planning, strategising and learning, but not actually producing a result. Whereas action is when you’re engaged in behaviour that will deliver an outcome.

Whilst we closed our welcome with two thoughts from James about how we can move from motion to action, we found ourselves pondering why motion can be an all too easy state to remain in.

A timely email from Hannah Brencher helped put words to our contemplations – it may be that we don’t believe we’re ready.

For Hannah, her ‘motion’ is feeling like she needs to acquire something new in order to make a start on something. Think anything from notebooks and planners right through to kitchen appliances! 

Over time – and after one too many purchases – however, Hannah came to the realisation that she didn’t need to add another new thing to her life in order to change it. She simply needed to change her mindset to move from Point A to Point B, or as James would term it, to move from motion to action.

Her revelation was that she had everything she needed to start today.

There was no having to get ready, she was already ready.

As Hannah sees it, if we’re trapped thinking we need x, y, or z to be successful, the starting line will continue to feel further and further away. For us, that means we may never lay the first stitch of ‘that’ project.

Whilst Hannah recognises there are times we need to invest in our craft or tools, all too often we use this as an excuse to remain in motion rather than taking a moment to breathe and simply take the brave first step to action.

She closed her email by reminding us that we are already equipped, already ready and already enough just as we are. Nothing new required.

What are you already ready to start today?!

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