23rd September 2022

A recent blog post from Hannah Brencher entitled ‘My Goals, Hopes + Rhythms for September’ left us thinking about our time with needle and thread and what we are – or perhaps are not! – achieving.

After receiving many a question about how she establishes discipline, routines and habits in her own life, Hannah decided the easiest way to break down how she navigates them was to simply share them.

Hannah unpacked the process she applies to using ‘PowerSheets’ to map her week, which walk her through the process of thinking through and documenting her monthly, weekly and daily action items. Once completed, she refers to them consistently to ensure she’s making progress toward the goals that matter most to her.

Interestingly, it wasn’t her method for mapping her week that captivated our attention, but rather the ‘sweet form of accountability’ the blog became that got us thinking.

‘My goal is to post here at the start of the month, add to the post at the halfway mark with a little update, and then finish at the end of the month with a recap of how it all went down.’

After posting a photo of her PowerSheet for September, Hannah was struck with the realisation that she could indeed fail at all she had recorded, and that left her not only feeling incredibly vulnerable, but also motivated to make sure she was able to share a positive recap at the end of the month.

It was her sense of vulnerability and accountability that had us rethinking how we plan our time with needle and thread. Whilst there are absolutely times we stitch simply for the sheer pleasure of it, we too have goals, hopes and dreams of what we’d like to achieve on our stitching journeys. However, sometimes it can be all too easy to put them aside for another day which can leave us looking back and feeling a tad disappointed in what we’re yet to achieve.

Hannah’s blog made us realise that perhaps it’s not more planning that we need to achieve all we’ve set out to do, but a little accountability!  

Whilst we’re yet to decide how, and with who, we’ll share our stitching ‘PowerSheet’, it’s given us food for thought as we look for a sweet form of accountability in our own time with needle and thread.

What about you? Have you found a way to be accountable with your goals, hopes and dreams? Perhaps you post your Stitching To Do List on a social platform, share it with someone close to you or make it known to your entire Stitch ‘n Chat or Guild? We’d love you to email us with what works for you and the difference a little accountability has made in what you achieve with needle and thread. 

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