A Toast to 400 Issues of All Stitched Up!

13th October 2023

It’s hard to believe that all at once Inspirations magazine is turning 30 and today we’re also celebrating the 400th issue of our weekly newsletter All Stitched Up!

The company behind it all, Inspirations Studios, started in its first incarnation right back in 1987 with the release of the ground breaking magazine series ‘Australian Smocking & Embroidery’.

Soon after came the launch of the international needlework convention Beating Around the Bush, followed by the very first issue of Inspirations magazine in 1993 (30 years ago!) then along the way we have produced over 65 of the world’s most beautiful needlework books including 20 titles in the A-Z series and our more recent A Passion for Needlework series, just to name a few. Not to mention the thousands and thousands of kits that have been produced over the years as well.

One achievement, however, that holds a special place in the life of our global needlework community, is this newsletter, that has now been in publication for over 17 years.

In June 2015 the newsletter underwent a significant change in format and at the time was renamed to Embroidery News but would soon thereafter become All Stitched Up!

Nine years and 400 issues after this makeover, our weekly newsletter has turned into quite the production! It takes seven of us a huge amount of time and effort each week to put together, but it’s importance cannot be understated.

This newsletter is the one place we have created where we can be informal, just hang out with you and have a chat, share what’s going on in the world of needlework and create an opportunity to talk with one another.

Each week we receive encouraging emails from people who, thanks to All Stitched Up!, feel connected in a world where loneliness and separation has unfortunately become an unwelcome norm.

So, as we celebrate our 400th issue, if you know someone who is interested in needlework and could do with a weekly dose of stitching joy and connection, tell them to sign up to receive All Stitched Up! by scrolling to the bottom of our news page HERE, and we’d love to welcome them to the family.

For all our regular readers, THANK YOU for your ongoing engagement and participation in what is hopefully the world’s most beautiful needlework newsletter. We look forward to sharing many more Friday chats with you to come!  

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