A Stitcher’s Stitching Shopping Wonderland

9th October 2020

Retail therapy is a welcome pastime for many of us, but to really experience the ultimate retail extravaganza, go with a stitcher stitching shopping – there is no holding us back!

And for the ultimate online stitcher’s stitching shopping experience, you simply must visit our website.

The Inspirations Studios online store is bursting with embroidery tools, trinkets, essentials and ideas all in one fabulously convenient place.

What you may not know is that we add new products to our online shop most weeks. But unlike many places, often we only get limited stock in of some items which means once they’re gone, well, they really are gone.

Recent popular items, including the Bohin needle packs and one particular colour of the Cohana mini scissors sold out so quickly even we were surprised! For those who missed out, a new range of Bohin needle packs are on the way and the Cohana mini scissors are still available in Pink and Yellow.

Speaking of missing out, if you suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) be sure to keep an eye on the wares category on our website and be the first to know when the next must-have embroidery item comes in.

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