A Passion for Needlework

25th March 2022

Almost 6 years ago, we dreamed of producing a series of books that brought together some of the most beautiful needlework projects imaginable. 

They were designed so that the books themselves would be as much works of art as the needlework projects they included. The series A Passion for Needlework was born, with a title that describes precisely what this series represents.

Every two years we’ve published a new book in the series, and every two years we’ve looked for ways that we could make the book even more beautiful than before. 

If you’ve done your calculations, you would be correct in thinking that 2022 is the year that the fourth book in the series is due out. October 2022 is the date, and we guarantee you’re going fall in love with the wonderful projects we’ve brought together.

While October may seem like a long way away, in order to keep your own passion for needlework going, we have all three of the books in the series still available. They look stunning together on a shelf or coffee table, and combined, offer over 30 of the most beautiful projects you could ever dream of stitching.

Tulipan by Christine P. Bishop from A Passion for Needlework 3 | Blakiston Creamery

We also have a range of kits available from the Passion series so be sure to check out our website to see which kits are in stock. Once A Passion for Needlework 4 comes out, we’ll need the space on the shelves…


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