A Passion for Needlework 4 | An Update

18th November 2022

Several weeks ago, with much fanfare and celebration, we released the latest book in our Passion for Needlework series titled The Whitehouse Daylesford.

For those new to A Passion for Needlework, these books are the pinnacle of our company’s collective creative endeavours to produce the world’s most beautiful needlework publications.

An Enthusiastic Reception…

Since the release of volume 4 we have been humbled by the enthusiastic responses we’ve received from some of the needlework greats: 

‘I have to admit that it quite took my breath away – it is the most beautiful ‘object’ – your attention to detail is unsurpassed! Congratulations to all involved.’ – Jane Nicholas

‘The Whitehouse Daylesford is the most beautiful needlework publication that I have ever seen and I just love it and will treasure it forever!

I love the layout and the photography is out of this world.’ – Di van Niekerk

‘I received my copy this morning and I was delighted. It’s an absolutely beautiful publication, thank you for the hard work you’ve all put in, it’s lovely.’ – Tania Cohen

‘What a book! My first impression on opening the boxes of books that arrived here at the studio this week was Wow! These are Huge! Followed by Wow! These are Gorgeous!’ – Mary Corbet

You can read Mary Corbet’s full review of the book on her website HERE.

Thank you to everyone who has lavished us with such praise, it’s a wonderful affirmation to know that our passion is shared amongst so many.

Getting Kitted Out…

Whether you are beginning your A Passion for Needlework journey, or picking up where you left off, we have everything you need to get kitted out.

To browse the complete collection of A Passion for Needlework books, click below.


A Passion for Needlework Series

After you’ve been beguiled by all the beauty and wonder of the featured projects, you may just be tempted to purchase some kits. 

We still have a few kits available from the earlier volumes of A Passion for Needlework, which you can check out using the links below.


A Passion for Needlework 2 | Factoria VII


A Passion for Needlework 3 | Blakiston Creamery

Ready-to-Stitch Kits for the new release A Passion for Needlework 4 | The Whitehouse Daylesford are in high demand and while our kit department are striving to keep up, stock availability is fluctuating.

Use the link below to browse current stock and check back in a few weeks if your favourite project is sold out as new inventory is being added continually. Hopefully even for the ever elusive project Arbor Vitae, the kits for which can be purchased on backorder, but are yet to be released.


A Passion for Needlework 4 | The Whitehouse Daylesford

A Word of Thanks…

Epic books such as A Passion for Needlework would not be possible if it wasn’t for three groups of incredibly important people:

Needlework Artisans – it is our great joy and privilege to publish your remarkable pieces of stitched art. Thank you for entrusting us with your work.

Inspirations Studios Team – a collective powerhouse of talent that continually strives and succeeds in delivering outstanding results. You make us all proud.

The Needlework Community – to all our readers, all our customers, all the stitchers and all our fans, THANK YOU for supporting us. Through needlework, each of us is making the world more beautiful one stitch at a time. And that is a very noble and worthy cause indeed!

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