A Celebration of Flowers for Elizabeth | Flash Kit Sale

5th April 2024

We’re holding our own mini Flowers for Elizabeth festival this week with two exciting announcements.

1/. – Flowers for Elizabeth Blanket Kits Are Back in Stock

If you, like the rest of the needlework world, have fallen in love with Susan O’Connor’s incredibly beautiful blanket from her book Flowers for Elizabeth, we have some exciting news.

We know many of you have this project on your ‘bucket stitch list’ and to help make your dream come true sooner than later, we now have complete kits back in stock.

This is a magnificent heirloom project with quite the requirements list, as you would expect from piece of this scale, so to have all the threads and the blanketing sourced and cut to size for you, is a huge time saver.

2/. – Susan O’Connor Pinwheel Kits 20% off!

To celebrate the blanket kits being back in stock, we’re making the festival even more festive with a flash kit sale.

For two weeks only, you can enjoy 20% off the entire range of Susan’s Flowers for Elizabeth Pinwheel Kits.

Choose from 10 different gorgeous silk embroidered designs, add as many to your cart as you like and then enter and apply the code FESTIVAL20 at checkout.

20% will be deducted from the price of any Flowers for Elizabeth Pinwheel Kits in your cart.

Inspirations magazine subscribers can save a further 15% by also entering your normal subscriber discount code, in addition to the special promo code above.

Just a reminder that the step-by-step instructions you need for the pinwheel and blanket kits are available separately in the book Flowers for Elizabeth.

Happy Flowers for Elizabeth Festival!

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