A Blanket for Every Temperature

9th August 2019

After sharing her ingenious temperature blanket idea on Facebook, Tracy Kennedy has social media in a frenzy.

Image: ABC Radio Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe (source)

The real-estate agent from Brisbane, Australia showed off her crocheting skills by posting a photo on her Facebook page of her multi-coloured blanket, that changes colour based on the temperature of the day.

Ms Kennedy records the highest temperature on the day and crochets a row onto the blanket with the corresponding colour. She demonstrates her commitment to the accuracy of the blanket by saying’ ‘I always take it to the decimal point, so it has to be accurate.’

Image: ABC Radio Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe (source)

The self-diagnosed crochet obsessed Kennedy says that the craft alleviates the stress she faces while working, adding she considers it her meditation.

You can learn more about Ms Kennedy’s project of passion on the ABC Australia News website HERE.

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