#103 Kits, Patterns & Pin

19th July 2019

#103 Kits Out Now

Itching to get stitching? Don’t run around trying to collect everything you need to re-create the projects from issue #103 yourself, satisfy your itch today with our range of new Ready-to-Stitch kits now available.


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#103 Patterns | Print & Digital

For the first time you can now buy individual projects from Inspirations as printed patterns, including those from issue #103, to have shipped direct to your door.

Taken straight from the pages of the magazine itself, printed patterns are an ideal way of keeping your magazine in pristine condition, make a terrific gift for a friend or family member, or are simply a much lighter and portable way of carrying around the instructions for a project you’re working on. Digital patterns for issue #103 are also out now.


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Browse Digital Patterns from issue #103

#103 Collector's Pin

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and as this gorgeous bright red apple enamel pin from Inspirations #103 goes really well with any outfit, wearing it every day should be no problem at all!

An Apple a Day is the latest Inspirations Collector’s Pin to be released and the final one in the series, so get in quick before the apples are all gone!

An Apple a Day Enamel Pin

Inspirations Studios
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